About Dogs & Cream

Our story started back in 2018.

Dogs & Cream first opened its doors on July 18, 2018 to a small neighborhood in Racine, WI. From the restaurant’s modest beginnings, they have been delighted to cook and serve great tasting, craft-style hot dogs and other takeout foods. The company was started by a founder named Eric Robinson. In contrast to other fast-food chains in the quick serve industry, Dogs & Cream was created with the explicit expectation to do fast food differently.

When asked why Dogs & Cream used a “Made to Order” model, Founder and CEO Eric Robinson stated, “We realize many individuals enjoy the convenience of fast food, yet so many of them are unhappy with the food quality they receive when the average fast-food chains prepare product levels that sit on a heat chute waiting for the guest to order.” Dogs & Cream knew that being prepared for guests in and of itself was not a bad thing. Unfortunately, when the operators’ predictions are incorrect and the food is overproduced, a significant number of guests are stuck paying for and receiving poor quality food.

Dogs & Cream’s menu highlights great quality food that can be prepared fairly quickly. So, while the Brand may not average 3-minute service times like some of the other National fast-food chains, they are able to serve guests in about 5 minutes on the average and the food is hot & fresh all the time. Their menu also provides a wide variety of options so there is sure to be something pleasurable for everyone. Dogs & Cream is known for great customer service. As mentioned earlier, the food is made to order so there are never bad experiences due to old food. When you factor in the obvious pride the Brand takes in the level of cleanliness in their restaurants, it is truly a rewarding experience anytime you visit.

Company Mission, Vision and Values