Reward Program

What is Dogs & Cream Rewards?

Dogs & Cream Rewards is a FREE loyalty program we designed because we appreciate and want to thank our amazing Guests (that’s you!). Rewards members receive points for every transaction ($1 spent = 1 point) by placing a rewards order that is tracked by providing your phone number at the register With every 50 points, you earn a $5 reward (expires in 4 months).

You can also expect random rewards and special gifts to come your way when you register for an account on the website.

What if I don’t have an Apple or Android smartphone? Am I excluded from this program?

No way! Dogs & Cream Rewards are tracked through our register system so anyone making an in-store purchase can participate.

How do I get points for my purchases at Dogs & Cream?

Place an in-store purchase for any meal. Points are automatically added to your account.

What if an order is $7.74? Do I get 7 points or 8 points?

8 points. Transactions are rounded to the nearest dollar amount from the sub total (before tax). For example: a purchase from $7.00 to $7.49 would round down to 7 points, but a purchase of $7.50 to $7.99 would round up to 8 points.

If I have multiple $5 rewards earned, can I redeem all of them at once?

Yes! If you have saved up your rewards, you’re welcome to redeem them in any increment you’d like. Just remember that you must have
50 points to get each $5 reward and that the points expire in 4 months from time of earning.

Can I transfer a $5 reward onto a Dogs & Cream gift card?

No, Dogs & Cream rewards cannot be transferred to gift cards; you can only redeem them by method of dollars off your Dogs & Cream meal.

Do my points or $5 rewards ever expire?

Yes. You have 4 months to use your reward dollars before they expire. We will let you know well in advance, so you don't miss out on redeeming them for free burgers, fries & shakes.

What if I have a $5 reward available, but my check total is lower than the reward amount?

The excess reward not used will go back to your account. For instance, if you have $10 in rewards available but your check is only $7.50, $2.50 will go back onto your Dogs & Cream Rewards account to use another time.

Do I get reward points for gift card purchases?

Points are not awarded for gift card purchases. But they are awarded when you redeem the gift card for food purchases at Dogs & Cream.

Can I redeem rewards at any Dogs & Cream location?

You can earn points and redeem rewards at any participating United States restaurant.