Helping Your Organization Earn Cash!

Would you like to get your organization some cash? Dogs & Cream is excited to give back to the communities we serve, live and work in. We have a fundraising program that lets you raise money just by enjoying fantastic tasting hot dogs, fries and thick shakes. Let me say what you are thinking… wonderful, fantastic, astounding, amazing, magnificent – we get it and we think so too.

Host a fundraiser or spirit night at your local Dogs & Cream to raise money for your organization or team, and a portion of the sales you generate will be given back in support.

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Book your event

Request your fundraiser at the Dogs & Cream of your choice. Available dates and times may vary by location.

Promote your fundraiser

We will provide you with customizable flyers and online posters for your fundraiser. You can print and share flyers and poster marketing materials or share on social media. You can request the customizable flyers at

Get tons of supporters to Dogs & Cream

Bring in lots of friends, family, neighbours, supporters, the milk man, Charlie across town, and well – you get the picture. Bring them all on your scheduled night, and we’ll donate a percentage of all sales generated by your fundraising supporters back to your organization (excluding sales tax). See below for standard donation percentages. Supporters must mention the fundraiser when ordering for sales to count towards the donation. Each organization must bring in a minimum of $200 net sales to receive donation.

Show you the money

The more people you bring to enjoy our scrumptious food, the more money you raise! You will receive your check approximately 2-3 weeks after the event has occurred.


$200 to $999.99
Net Sales


$1,000.00 - $1,999.99 Net Sales


Net Sales

Fundraising donation percentages and minimum net sales requirement may vary by restaurant. Guest must mention fundraiser when ordering to apply towards fundraiser donation.

4  Weeks Out
  • Alert potential attendees to “Save The Date” by using the Fundraising Event Flyer (provided by Dogs & Cream).

  • Distribute at meetings, in newsletters, information packets and any other forum for announcements.

  • Post the event flyer or social images to your organization’s Facebook page and Twitter Accounts. You can also post on your personal pages and encourage others in your organization to do to the same.

  • Send the event flyer & digital fundraiser instructions by email to your address book.

  • Post Fundraising Event Posters at your organization (provided by Dogs & Cream).

  • Send a meeting invitation using a calendar tool to ensure the event is on everyone’s calendar.

1‐2 Weeks Out
  • Re‐send and re‐post event information using all methods outlined above. This will not only serve as a reminder, but it will alert people who may have missed the previous communications.

  • Print and deliver event flyers for distribution at your organization

Day of Event
  • Print and deliver fundraising stickers and flyers for distribution at your organization. Ensure every potential attendee has a flyer in‐hand and a sticker on them that day.

  • Re‐post event information to Facebook and Twitter accounts and send a reminder email to your address book
    Note: Handing out flyers in the Drive Thru line or at the entrance is not allowed

  • Come hungry and have fun!

2-3 Weeks After
  • Dogs & Cream will send the donation check to the address listed on your registration form — be sure to announce the results and thank your participants at meetings, in newsletters, emails, etc. so everyone knows their contribution made a difference and will want to participate next time!

Say goodbye to endless bake sales, hot car washes, and overpriced gift wrap drives and bookyour fundraiser with Dogs & Cream today!
For additional information or questions, please email

How do I book my fundraiser event at Dogs & Cream?

We couldn’t be happier you want to host your next fundraising event at Dogs & Cream – please make your request through our online request form (Red button above). The Restaurant General Manager will review your application, follow-up with any questions and then confirm your event. It will typically take 2-3 days for you to receive confirmation that your event is scheduled. You will be notified via email that your event was booked. At that time you’ll also receive your Dogs & Cream fundraiser marketing materials (printable and online) to share with your Guests.

Does my organization qualify for a fundraising event at Dogs & Cream?

Any organization considered a non-profit by the IRS (with corresponding Tax ID) may request a fundraising event.

What percentage of sales will Dogs & Cream donate to my organization?

Dogs & Cream will donate a percentage of all sales (excluding sales tax) generated by your organization the day of the fundraiser. The amount depends on how many people you bring in to eat: Up to $1,000.00 Net Sales = 15% Donation; $1,000.01 - $2,000.00 Net Sales = 20% Donation; $2,000.01 Net Sales or more = 25% Donation. There will be a check issued 2-3 weeks after your event. Note that fundraising donation percentages and minimum net sales requirements may vary by restaurant.

Is there a required minimum of sales for fundraisers?

An organization must bring in a minimum of $200 net sales to receive a donation.

When can I host my next fundraising event at Dogs & Cream?

To ensure a very successful event, we ask that you request your fundraising event minimally 2 weeks prior to the event. If the date you want is not available, we recommend trying to book the event at another location nearby or try another date. If you’d like to book a fundraising event that will occur over a series of days at multiple restaurants, please contact the restaurant manager to help you book your event.

What do I do before the day of my event?

Be sure to review our Market Your Event tab above. There are great tips for each week and day leading up to your event to ensure it’s a success! Most importantly, make sure that all of your Guests know to mention your organization before their transaction is complete to ensure their purchase qualifies towards your total donation. It is not permissible to hand out flyers at the door or in the DT lane.

How do I get marketing materials for my event?

To receive marketing material for your fundraiser, reach out to to receive customizable flyers.

How do I cancel or reschedule?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your event for any reason, please contact the Restaurant Operator. We appreciate minimum of 10 days
notice. Failure to cancel your event may result in your organization being blocked from hosting fundraising events at Dogs & Cream in the future.

What happens after my fundraising event at Dogs & Cream?

Be sure to review our Market Your Event tab above. There are great tips for each week and day leading up to your event to ensure it’s a success! Just keep in mind that the percentage of sales Dogs & Cream will donate is directly related to how many burgers, fries and shakes are sold to customers that have been generated by your organization. If it has been more than 4 weeks since your event has occurred and you have yet to receive your check, please contact:

I have another question not covered here. Who can I contact?

If you have specific questions about the approval of an event, please contact