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Approval of this agreement is at the sole discretion of CSG Hospitality, LLC. This agreement must be approved at least two (2)weeks before the scheduled event and it may be terminated and / or cancelled with thirty (30) days written notice at any time during the term of this agreement by either party. The above organization will promote this event for the approved Dogs & Cream location only utilizing the guidelines and marketing materials provided. Proceeds for the event will be based off the pre-tax sales receipts for all qualifying food and beverages. For a receipt to qualify, the participants must acknowledge / identify the organization prior to finalizing their transaction. A check will be mailed to the organization within 2-4 weeks after the event. No guarantees or warranties of any-kind are made by either party hereto as to the anticipated success of this event.

The above organization will utilize the guidelines and marketing materials for promoting their event only in the use in which they are intended. Any additional marketing materials created must be approved by CSG Hospitality, LLC prior to distribution. Dogs & Cream® and any other marks associated with the Dogs & Cream® Franchise System, are the sole property of CSG Hospitality, LLC. No license to use any of these marks is given or implied. These marksmay not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, used, modified, or-distributed in anyway (except as an integral part of an authorized copy of material appearing in these Web pages) without prior written permission of CSG Hospitality, LLC.

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